We needn’t dive too far into it—recent events, in Minnesota especially, have meant that day-to-day life has gotten tougher for everyone. With so much on all of our plates, looking into car dent repair is probably one of the last things on your to-do list. You might think that the process is extensive, and you don’t want to tackle it until you have the mental space and time.


At Dent Heads, as a Bloomington provider of auto hail damage repair, we completely understand where you’re coming from. However, when paintless dent repair comes into the equation, there’s no need to make car dent repair an exhausting procedure. We make getting the repairs you need simple, quick, and easy, so you don’t need to set aside huge amounts of time scheduling appointments and planning how your life will work without your car. Paintless dent repair, combined with our expert service, means that getting your dents repaired no longer needs to be excruciating. That means, even if you’re pressed for time or energy, you can get it done now.

We’re Fully Committed to Making This Easy For You

At Dent Heads, you, the client, are our priority. We fully believe that “the customer is always right.” It’s a mentality that’s driven us to tackle bigger and tougher dents, as well as make a name for ourselves as a quality provider of hail damage repair. We’ll make your stop in our office quick and painless—and service with a smile is a guarantee!


Of course, personable service is just one way we at Dent Heads work to respect your precious time.


●        We can accomplish in hours what traditional auto repair shops need days for | Because of the lack of putty, painting, and sanding involved, paintless dent repair renders itself much faster than traditional methods. No need to plan public transit routes—your car will be back on the road in no time.

●        We’ll work with insurance companies| Insurance companies are notoriously hard to work with, and their policies can be filled with loopholes. We’d be happy to help navigate.

●        We’re reachable by email or text | Don’t have the time to talk on the phone with us? Fret not. Email and text are quick ways to reach your preferred hail dent repair professionals.

Contact Dent Heads Now for Top-Notch Dent Repair

Shoot a text, email, or even give us a  phone call at 612-986-1171—no matter how you reach us, we’re here for you.