In this day and age, anyone can order a paintless dent repair kit online, try it out once or twice, and call themselves a pro. However, at Dent Heads, we firmly believe that this title is not one to be held lightly. The truly skilled paintless dent repair technician will have gone through extensive training in the field of car dent repair and is truly passionate about what they do. They will have familiarized themselves with some of the lesser-known tools of the trade, as well as be able to explain what they’re doing in plain English. You’ll find just these kinds of technicians at Dent Heads!


Though as a dent repair business, we also know that the skilled paintless dent repair technician possesses certain innate traits that cannot be cultivated. We see these traits day in and day out in our talented employees and are excited to share them below.

Paintless Dent Repair is a Skilled and Unique Trade

Just like many other trades, paintless dent repair is a skill that cannot be grown overnight. It requires dedication and specialized training, be that training on-the-job or otherwise. However, the paintless dent repair industry also requires certain personality traits in order for the tradesperson to be successful. These include:


●        An innovative spirit | No car dent is made the same way; even people outside of the car dent repair industry can say this. In order to reach tricky dents and devise ways to fix larger ones, the paintless dent repair technician must possess an innovative mind and an ability to think outside of the box, so to speak. Hail damage repair isn’t always easy.

●        A tenacious nature | More so than in certain other industries, the paintless dent repair technician must have a tenacious nature. Those dents won’t fix themselves without a bit of elbow grease! That being said, there’s a fine line between tenacity and pigheadedness, and the ideal paintless dent repair technician must ride this line, lest their stubborn streak gets in the way of their creative mindset.

●        A knack for customer service | Paintless dent repair isn’t just working on cars all day. A paintless dent repair technician must be a people person through and through, or at least be willing to cultivate their customer service skills. Interacting with customers is a sizable part of this job.


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