Times are hard out there right now, but that doesn’t mean your car needs to, or should, suffer. For many, their vehicle is a source of personal pride, in addition to something that gets them from point A to point B. While we at Dent Heads don’t advocate your spending your money irresponsibly, we understand and do advocate taking care of yourself by keeping up with the things you love during these trying circumstances.


As a paintless dent repair and hail dent repair shop, we’ve always worked hard to stay within our customers’ budgets, pandemic, or no pandemic. If you’re looking to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape while also minding your bank account, there’s no better place than with us.


But what exactly do we do to prioritize your financial comfort? Well, a lot more than just writing a blog post about it! Below, we’ll dive into our business philosophy a bit and discuss how we take concrete steps to make sure you drive off with a like-new car and a healthy pocketbook.

Learn What We Do to Keep Your Car and Budget Happy

Paintless dent repair is economical on its own. Unlike other forms of car dent repair, it uses relatively few resources and takes little more than a trained technician working with a mechanical set of tools. It’s also quick, meaning your car doesn’t need to sit in our garage for long. This translates to relatively less overhead for us and to a cheaper service for you.


Of course, we at Dent Heads have taken steps to capitalize on our craft’s affordable nature.


●        We’ll work with your insurance company to get you covered | While not all policies cover paintless dent repair, we’re happy to negotiate with your insurance company to help you pay for our services. If you’ve got coverage, it can save you money.

●        We communicate actively and openly with you | Hidden fees and surprise charges just aren’t our thing. Just like in every other thing that we do, we prioritize honesty and straightforwardness; we won’t pull the wool over your eyes to make you pay more like some other hail damage repair companies could.

●        We prioritize your time | Your time is money. We get it. You’re busy. We take pride in our urgency when dealing with time-pressed customers, but rest assured we never compromise on quality!

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