In today’s modern world, having your vehicle in the car dent repair shop can be as debilitating as not having a cell phone. Sure, you could get cabs everywhere or take public transport, but that’s expensive, and who likes waiting around to get somewhere?

But don’t let that stop you from seeking the paintless dent repair you need. Aside from being extremely quick when compared to traditional hail damage repair methods, we at Dent Heads spare no effort to provide you with what you need to keep life on track while your car is in the shop with us.

We Provide Free Loaner Vehicles

Get where you need to go, when you need to be there with our loaner vehicles! Though you probably won’t need to borrow them for any longer than it takes you to run errands, you’ll still be able to get those errands done on the off chance it does take us a little longer to smooth out your car.

Again, we understand that whether you’re getting hail damage repair done or not, life goes on. You can’t put everything on pause for those repairs—and when you work with us, you won’t have to.

And the best part? These loaner vehicles are absolutely free! For simple dents, use common sense; skip the pricey public transport and embrace affordable car dent repair instead.

We Have a Charging Station for Electric Cars

If you’re lucky enough to have a backup electric vehicle—or even one that’s in the shop—it can be a major pain to find charging stations. While every other car can simply take the next freeway exit to fuel back up, making your car zippy again often requires a bit of searching on your phone. If you don’t have a passenger, you’re out of luck!

We at Dent Heads are here to make your life as easy as we can, and so is our electric car charging station. No matter if you need to charge up on your way in or out, we’re glad to lend you our facilities.

Our Five-Star Service Leaves Customers Happy

Check out our hail damage repair reviews; you’ll see it’s not just dents that we take care of, but our customers, too. A smile and kind word can mean all the difference when you’re already stressed out thanks to your car. At Dent Heads, our technicians are not only skilled, but gracious and accommodating. We’ve truly got your back.

For Quick and Affordable Hail Dent Repair and More, Contact Dent Heads Today

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